Aquasports will endeavour to transfer to the customer the benefit of any warranty or guarantee given by the manufacturer of goods on every item we sell where such a warranty is provided. We do not provide warranty service on items not purchased through us, even though we may be the sole authorised Greek distributor for those products. For any questions you may contact us at 2810 372992,or e-mail us at


If the product you received is faulty please inform us immediately via e-mail at or by calling at 2810372992.Aquasports will contact the manufacturer and will make the replacement or the fixment of the product if the malfunction is detected by its side. The procedure followed in case of a defective product is:

You can visit us at our headquarters and having discovered the error on the part of the manufacturer, we’ll replace the product immediately.

Send by courier or a transport company. Pack the product you received and send it to us. Since we check it’s malfunction, we will send you a new one. Shipping costs are not charged to the customer.

Changes acceptable only if the product you received is packaged (in its original condition) and Non-used.You should make your request within five working days of receipt of the product in accordance with its accompanying document. Money are nonrefundable.


If you want to exchange the purchased product to another, there are two ways:

By visiting our headquarters
Send by courier or transport company. Pack the product you received with a document which will indicate how we should arrange the financial disputes that arose. Shipping costs in this case are charged to the customer. Necessary condition is that the product is intact and in its original packaging.

For more information call us at 2810372992 or e-mail us at

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