Yamaha PoolJet


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Designed for children. Small, light and easy to use.

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Aquacenter as the exclusive distributor and official Service to YAMAHA SEASCOOTERS for Greece and Cyprus inform you that all YAMAHA SEASCOOTERS that sold by our company and by our official network in Greece and Cyprus have 1 year waranty.
Due to many reports that companies have failed to cooperate with the YAMAHA SEASCOOTERS official sales network and they did not informed of their supplier’s representative who is required to provide them with technical support, the Aquacenter in such cases could not be commited to cover any problem it may occur.
We recommend that before any buying of product, you will have to take in papper the wuarranty time by the company which will cover you as buyer in any case you will need technical support and to know exactly the service time if you need it and how much you will need to expect by the Dealer in Europe or America to whether or not you approve your warranty.

YAMAHA POOLJET is the latest addition to the YAMAHA Seascooter Recrational Series.
POOLJET abandons the classic torpedo shape of the other Yamaha Seascooter in favor of a more compact and manageable design,
even more suitable and made specifically for children.
POOLJET by Yamaha Seascooter, is very light, weighs only 1.6Kg and presents as standard a positive buoyancy value,
not modifiable, to make sure that the vehicle floats on the surface of the water.
The propeller, duly protected by a safety grid, is activated, as in professional models, by two triggers,
which need to be pressed together to allow the electric motor to start delivering energy and reach the maximum speed of 2km/h .
Another common feature of POOLJET with other YAMAHA Professional Dive Series Seascooter
is the installation of a high-performance 7.2V / 2Ah Li-Ion battery.
The Lithium Ion battery has no memory effect and requires maintenance operations much less complex
and complex than a Lead-Acid battery, generally mounted on products of the same category.
The autonomy provided is 30 minutes in normal use in excursion
(20 minutes for continuous use at high speed) and recharges in just 3 hours, for endless fun.

Material: Polipropilene
Dimensions: 27x26x2x20 cm
Weight: 1,6 kg
Speed up to 1.2mph / 2.0 km/h
Runs up to 30 minutes with normal use (continuous use up to 20 mins)
Compact design, fully waterproof construction
Battery: Li-Ion 7,2V / 2Ah
Color: Blue

– Carton Dimension: 320 x 545 x 425 (mm)
– Carton Weight: 1,8 kg

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