Transparent SUP 10’5”


To enjoy rides on flat water (sea or lake), alone or with your family, our transparent boat adapts to your needs and desires of the moment.

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Observe the seabed to a depth of 25 metres by paddling upright in the dry. This is the successful bet of the rigid, transparent SUP.

Enjoy a unique sailing experience thanks to the stability, manoeuvrability and design of this outstanding paddle board.

Even after many years of exposure to intense sunlight, its UV protection ensures that its brilliance and transparency remain intact.

We have placed safety at the heart of our SUP’s design, so that your journey over the marine world will remain engraved in your memory.


Size: 10’5
Dimensions (cm) : 312 x 85 x 14
Weight: 25 kgs

Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 312 × 85 × 14 cm



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