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The transactions of Aquasports are served by Delta Pay (service of Alpha Bank).

The web server who hosts the service Ecommerce – Redirect function with 128 bit encryption ssl (Secure Socket Layer). By the use of protocol we secure that all the ifromation transferred between the client (web browser of the user – customer) and the server (Delta Pay), is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
The customer of Aquasports is led to the secure site of Delta Pay so he can type the details of his credit card, in order to finish his purchase with safety. The credit card’s details are not sent back in Aquasports.


Aquasports collects information only during the creation of an account or in case of placing the order of a product. The processing of Personal Data is, as the case may be, in accordance with the applicable laws and Privacy policy, or in accordace with your consent. The private information you may denote, won’t be transferred to anyone. The cause is exclusively for the safe shipping of the order.


Aquasports trades a wide range of products. It cooperates and equips: watersports professionals, beaches professionals , hotel units and private consumers throughout Greece. Aquasports features as the Greek cooperator and representative of the major well-known brands in its field.


All the cases that deserve reduced VAT or exempt (fishers, border areas etc) are serviced by Aquasports only after request (call us at 2810372992, or e-mail us After contacting us, you’ll be informed for the exact cost, the payment methods and how to place your order.

CAUTION: If you place you order directly through our webshop, without informing us that you deserve reduced VAT or exemption, you directly loose your right. Aquasports is not reasponsible in this case.


You can cancel an order by calling us directly at +302810372992, or by sending an e-mail Please inform us about the order’s code, the date and the assignor of its placement. It is a prerequisite that the order hasn’t already been sent to you. Otherwise you should contact us so we can arrange the the financial disputes that arose.

In case you are a natural person (consumer) and your purchase is orientated for non professional use (but for your own use), you have the right to withdraw within 14 calendar days by returning the product. The right to withdraw is valid, as long as the product is still in its initial condition, as well as its packaging. Additionally, you will be charged if you return the product within 14 calendar days (whether YOU return it, or you send it to a courier service of your choice). Since your returning is approved, you will be refunded with the amount of money for the specific purchase, in the way that you had paid.


Aquasports will not be liable for any damages may be caused during the order implementation . Aquasports cannot quarantee for the shipping time of the products or their availability, but assures the customers for a timely information for any possible delays. The webshop provides products addressed to the general public and it won’t be liable for any problems may be caused by it’s consumer’s faulty use of the products. The analysis of the products (information, photos, specs) are in full accordance to the manufacturer, and Aquasports has no responsibility for possible mistakes or skimps.


The content of the present website belongs to Aquasports by the reservation of any right that isn’t granted explicitly. All the intellectual property rights of the present website belong to Aquasports or to any legal owner. By accessing this website, you submit with the Intellectual Property laws.


The content of the present website, the Aquasports’ logo and the trade mark of Aquasports, belong exclusively to the official representative of Aquasports Mr Sideris Myron. The trade names of the products and of the referent companies, may be the trademarks or the trade names of its appropriate content suppliers. You may not use any of the content of in any manner without the written permission of Aquasports or any other content supplier. Any copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.

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